In Gratitude...

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making our parish feast a great success! We are par- ticularly grateful for Bishop Andre Dumas who trav- elled from Haiti to celebrate our Feast Day Mass. For everyone who worked so diligently to ensure the success of the Triduum; the lectors, musicians, sing- ers, sound engineers, and emcee who helped make Thursday’s event (Who Says Catholics Don’t Read the Bible) a phenomenal experience; the priests and deacons from our very own parish and those of neighboring parishes who celebrated with us on Fri- day; the Creole and Gospel choirs, and musicians who ministered this entire weekend to liven up our celebration; all our parish ministers– ushers, sacris- tans, extraordinary ministers of communion, altar servers, the organizers of our “diner-en-blanc, and the entire parish staff.
To you, parishioners of Sacred Heart, I express my deepest gratitude for a wonderful and faith-filled first year. I am happy to be here, and pledge to con- tinue to work and grow with you in love and service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ


Fr. Hilaire